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The Florio Palace

Florio Palace – Neo-Gothic and liberty style

The Florio Palace is a beautiful building in neo-gothic style, built in 1878 by the project of the famous architect Damiani Almeyda. The outside structure is elegant and aristocratic, where as the inside is less serious thanks to the furnishing in liberty style and its items in wrought- iron made in Oreta, the Florio’s iron-foundry . The palace had an underground which was connected to the Pretti, where you could find the kitchen, stables and servants quarters. The palace hadn’t been used only by he Florio family but hosted famous people during the tuna fish catching. It was also a place to relax to get away from the sorrow where Donna Franca stayed after the death of her daughter Giovanna. A visit to the Florio Palace is an experience you must not miss.