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The Museum in Favignana

The museum and the Florio Establishment

Visiting the Florio Establishment will make you familiar with the history of the Tonnara. It is an example of industrial archeology. It wasn’t only a place to keep the tools, anchors and fishing boats, but also the symbol of the islanders under the Florio rule.

The architecture

Its architecture is characterized by big arches and high roofs which appear like the ancient cathedrals. The activity started thanks to a Genovese called Giulio Drago who rented the building in 1859. But it was Ingnazio Florio who rebuilt and managed it with success. This is the reason why Favignana is well known as the Island of Florio. The establishment extends for 32 square miles. Here you can visit offices, stores-rooms, carpentry, changing-rooms for women and for men. All the building is built in tuff.

The last days of activity

When the family Florio became bankrupt the establishment was taken over by the Parodi of Genova in 1937. Under their rule the tonnara continued to work with profit and success. Unfortunately in the 70’s the activity ceased to exist and it became the property of Sicily.

The renovation and opening of the museum

After the renewal in which it cost 14.424.740 euro, the museum was then opened in 2009. It has been furnished with a collection of items found on the Island of the Egadi like, different types of amphoras, the pilgrim’s flask and many others objects to be seen. There is also a section which is dedicated to the Florio family, two multimedia installations in which a holographic reproduction allows you to see what happens in the tuna slaughter room, historic films, a collection of photographs made by Magnum agency. Furthermore there is a large conference room.