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The most famous of Favignana Bays & Beaches

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The most famous beaches in Favignana

The Island of Favignana boasts several spots which do not need a boat to be visited. Actually, being almost totally plain, you can safely visit the entire island and all of its beaches and coasts by foot (better by bike!). It is full of creeks, sandy or pebble beaches and rocks. Speaking of sandy beaches, the two biggest ones are Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone. Situated near the town, between the port and the ex Florio’s establishment you can find the beach called the Praia. Besides being one of the major attractions of the Island, Cala Rossa is also the most known for the extraordinary colour of the sea and because it is near the caves of tuff: you cannot miss the opportunity of a swim in this water. Not far from here you can find the harbour of Punta Longa from which you can reach rocky creeks. Also not forgetting the Calamoni, Cala Graziosa, Preveto-Pirreca and Cala Rotonda that are some of the most renowned beaches on the Island.

Non crowded places: the caves and the best creeks for those who like diving

Punta Faraglione and Cala Del Pozzo are isolated and peaceful places to swim or dive, but for those who love diving we suggest Punta Fanfalo, Scalo Cavallo, Grotta Perciata and Bue Marino for their deep rocks. Furthermore there are boat tours that will lead you to discover all the most beautiful sights along the coast including marine caves. The most famous are: the Grotta Azzurra whose name comes from the incredible colour of its water, the Grotta dei Sospiri known for the noise that you can hear inside, sounding like a whisper and the Grotta degli Innamorati so called because of a couple of rocks side by side like two lovers.

The best locations for scuba diving

For those who love scuba diving there is a surplus of places here and something for both beginners and experts. One of the best places to go scuba diving is the Island of Galeotta, a small inlet. Here you can dive in crystal clean water and see several shoals of fish like sea bream, octopus, and moray eels. In Cala Rotunda there are less challenging immersions where the entrance is 8 meter deep, the cave roof is covered with an extensive carpet of astroides and aparazohantus. Its average depth is around 30 meters and its exit is in the walls of a cliff. Inside you can see ombrini, corvine, crab and moray eels. “La secca del Toro” 40 meters of cave wall which is only for experts divers, is considered the most beautiful of caves. You have to be careful of the sea drifts, we suggest a sub guide too. Another location for expert divers is Scoglio Corrente which takes its name from the strong drifts that cross this cave.